School of Prophets

``Sharpening the Call``

 And by a prophet the Lord brought Israel out of Egypt, and by a prophet was he preserved. Hosea 12:13

The school of the prophets were prophetic educational gathering place where prophetic protégés were educated, trained, and studied under the care and tutelage under experienced mature senior or master prophet. These schools of the prophets were classified as the “centers of religious life, where communion with God was sought by prayer, meditation, and recollection”

The school of the prophets should be recognized as prophetic colleges and occasion of forming such schools is to be found in the decline of the priesthood under Eli and his sons and the utter absence of the sanctuary in the times of Elijah and Elisha, thus furnishing the faithful with places and means of edification and in the advantages that would naturally arise from association.

According to the Old Testament the “Sons of the prophets” were those who submitted under seasoned prophets (Prophet Samuel etc.) for academia in their prophetic call and function. One should NOT be considered as a son of the prophets unless they’ve submitted under a seasoned prophet for training and releasing. (2 Kings 2:3)

Benefits of Joining the School of Prophets

  • Live Sessions w/lunch

  • Virtual Sessions

  • Hands on Learning with an interactive flow

  • Handouts outs

  • School Binder

  • Exposure to seasoned General Apostles, Bishop and Prophets.

Meet the Team

Joel is  chosen and anointed for the End Time Ministry. He received the Gift of the Holy  Spirit at a young age. He was born in Dayton, Ohio to Gwendolyn and the late  Pastor Andrew Lee Lofton. He was reared as a third generation Pentecostal. He is  the youngest of eleven children.

He  received his elementary and high school education from Christian schooling;  where the word of the Lord was poured into him by spirit filled educators. He  received his Associates in Ministry and Bachelors in Christian education from  Grace Bible College. Elder Lofton accepted his call to preach the uncompromised  Word of God at the age of nineteen. He acclaims his cultivation of his call to  his Mother and Father, Bishop & Lady Clara Majors, Bishop Norman Wagner,  Bishop Iona Locke, Minister Todd and Lady Daphne Bell, and Elder Arneta Kirksey  just to name a few. In his mid twenties, the Lord allowed him the pleasure of  meeting Dr. Carolyn Showell who affectionately became his “Aunt Carolyn”. This  began a long relationship of mentorship, prayer, and cultivation.

The  Lord spoke to Elder Lofton many years ago, preparing him for this phase of his  ministry. As many leaders whom God chose, he offered many excuses often selling  himself short but through time God began to make His will crystal clear to him.  While spending time with God, He spoke to him through Isaiah chapter 58 and more  directly verse 12 calling him “THE REPAIRER OF THE BREACH, THE RESTORER OF  PATHS” this passage stood up in his life and was the final word of  confirmation. The world is full of people who need to be repaired and restored.  Many who have not known God or have turned their back on Him because of some  trick of the enemy or self-confusion.

The  Lord has chosen Elder Lofton to be one of many that will work in the mission of  restoration. Now the assignment is clear. The focus of his ministry is the  deliverance of God’s People. He loves to uplift, encourage, and help lead others  to a personal relationship with Christ. He flows with an energetic anointing,  that tries to leave no soul who is searching untouched. In August 2002, he  founded Abundant Life Christ Centered Ministries, Remnant Reformed Church, Inc.  Key Scripture: John  10:10 The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and  to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that  they might have it more abundantly.

As the scripture states above, God wants us  to be full of life. The only way to achieve life fulfillment is to make  Christ the center of everything. When we look at St. John 10:10, we must  understand that the enemies assignment is to kill, steal, and destroy. Jesus  moves quickly and abolishes the enemy’s assignment and tells us that he comes  that we might have life; thus giving us a choice. We can either have life or  life more abundantly.

So many  believers as well as unbelievers are living beneath their privilege (meaning  that we have accepted what the enemy has stolen, killed, or destroyed). God  never designed for us to live defeated lives; we must live as the victorious  people God chose us to be. We at this ministry choose abundant  life.

His  Primary Focus is To Be Where God  Is.

Leo S. Lewis, Jr. the Teacher, the Prophet, the Levite was born in Montgomery, Al, August 15, 1978 to Bishop and Mrs. Leo Spencer Lewis, Sr. Leo is the Pastor of Macedonia Ministries’, The Pattern, a contemporary, young adult ministry for those who love God, but hate church. God has uniquely anointed Pastor Leo, to speak prophetically into the lives of those who are hurting, infirmed, and distraught. Pastor Leo loves God with all his heart, mind, and spirit, which is displayed in his ability to conduct choirs, praise teams, and music seminars. He recognizes that if it had not been for God’s grace and mercy, he would not be ministering today.

Many lives have been changed, by the power of God, as Pastor Leo has taught the truths of His word. Pastor Leo serves as a prophet to his generation. His sensitive ear to the voice of God has allowed him to speak and declare specific events and many confirming words into the lives of many. Pastor Leo is known as a present day Jude, as he without compromise, continues to contend for the faith. He still believes that Holiness and much sacrifice are the keys to unlock the signs, miracles, and wonders for the believer.

The Levitical anointing upon Pastor Leo’s life has opened doors for him to minister in song, to God’s people in Africa, India, Canada, Bahamas, Haiti, and all across this nation. has been favored to share the national platform with kingdom agents  of change  such as Donnie McClurkin, Kim Burrell, Darwin Hobbs, Deitrick Haddon, Bishop Paul S. Morton, Lady Tramaine Hawkins, Bishop William Murphy, Dr.Yvonne Capehart, and Dr. Juanita Bynum. Pastor Leo is hungry for the things of God, and will do whatever it takes to usher the people of God into His presence, that they may experience the manifested Glory of God by signs, miracles and wonders.

Pastor Leo has purposed in his heart, to stay his course, and complete the assignment that has been given to him. He is a firm believer in doing those things that pleases the Father. Pastor Leo is the proud husband of Lady Jessica, and the enthused father of Jazni’, L’Oreal and, Leo III.

Prophet Angelow Hickson
Angelow Hickson honorably titled Prophet Hickson currently resides in the South Bronx, New York City. He is the Founder and CEO of Wind of the Spirit Prophetic Ministries. WOSPM is a ministry that was birthed over 10 years ago in South Carolina; when our Heavenly Father spoke and said that his ministry is likened unto the Wind of the Spirit!  At this time, Prophet Hickson served under Apostle Finace Bush Jr. located in North Augusta, SC . He was titled as House Resident Prophet & Youth Speaker.

Prophet Angelow believes in delivering a(n)accurate word of prophecy and moves in the supernatural. The Hand of the Lord is mighty upon Prophet Angelow. He is a passionate youth speaker and believes in moving in the gifts of the Holy Spirit during all services. He has the unique gift of dream interpretation(s) and is also a dreamer. A graduate of The School of Prophetic Studies, as well as, a graduate of The Ark of Safety School of Chaplains.

Prophet Angelow is becoming a sought after speaker across the country! He is known for prophetic accuracy and for the glory of God showing up in his meetings! Prophet Angelow was just reaffirmed as Prophet and received an Ordination of Eldership through Kingdom International Ministries (K.I.M.) under the leadership of Apostle Dr. Stanley Gorrell located in Brooklyn, NY.

Prophet Angelow is also a part of Remnant Churches International, Inc. (RCI) where Overseer Joel Lofton is the founder. Prophet Angelow is also a teacher and instructor in the School of the Prophets in Dayton Ohio under the leadership of Overseer Joel Lofton.


What is a School of Prophets?

“He that hath an ear to hear…let them hear what the Spirit is saying to the Church!” The Clarion call has been sounded and the bar has been set for the REAL Prophets of God to ARISE! It is TIME OUT for God’s people to continue to be led astray by any and all wayward doctrine. The Bible states that, “my people perish for a lack of knowledge,” and so we hear in the Spirit, that in the last day’s armies of the Lord must come forth to win the battles of the Lord. In order for it to come forth, the PROPHETIC, INTERCESSION, PRAISE & WORSHIP must unite, ignite and flow together.

The School of Prophets will provide that platform where Kingdom Citizen Believers with prophetic gifting’s and callings can learn, be trained, cultivate, and hone their skillset, receive, be endowed with Godly inspired directly from the Holy Spirit impartation wisdom. Lastly, increase your anointing, mature in the spirit, grow, and receive correction in love, Improve on character and integrity to become seasoned in your gifting.

Who will be teaching said courses?

The Bible teaches us that…whom HE called, HE qualified! Whom HE qualified; HE also justified! All classes, exercises and courses will be taught by experienced Prophets and Ministers of God, with both natural and spiritual degrees. Brought up in the gospel, several Prophets and teachers are “preacher’s kids” knowledgeable in the word of God. Other educators have been trained and taught to be skillful in their gifting’s by the seasoned prophets and have undergone the same anointed training as each new attendee will go through as well.

Why are you doing this?

The New Testament end time ministries state that the Church is built upon the foundation of the ministry of apostles and prophets, The Bible states in Joel 2:28-32 (KJV)

28 And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh; and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions:

29 And also upon the servants and upon the handmaids in those days will I pour out my spirit.

30 And I will shew wonders in the heavens and in the earth, blood, and fire, and pillars of smoke.

31 The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and terrible day of the Lord come.

32 And it shall come to pass, that whosoever shall call on the name of the Lord shall be delivered: for in mount Zion and in Jerusalem shall be deliverance, as the Lord hath said, and in the remnant whom the Lord shall call.

With that said, it is imperative that we equip ourselves, amour up, sharpen our discernment,  gifts of knowledge and wisdom as we prepare to be about our Father’s business.

Will I learn the difference between the gift of the prophetic, the office of a Prophet, and being used in the moment?

Absolutely! We will explain the different between the two.

All attendees will leave empowered. The courses will address whether individuals are dreamers, discerners, operate in 1 or more of the nine gifts, a measure, and/or the call to the office.


The Prophetic classes will address multi-level skillset; beginning with foundation teaching taught straight from: I Corinthians Chapter 12; Chapter 14; and Ephesians Chapter 4.

What will I learn that I don’t know all ready?

It’s always good to refresh yourself with what is already known as a student. The Holy Spirit always has a way of pulling of revelatory truths even in information that is already known! ALWAYS remain a student (learner).

 As a prophet, it is very easy to ‘miss’ God getting haughty, or speaking before God is done speaking. We all must remember, “A word out of season can do much damage”, therefore, it is important that we learn how to hone our skill and craft with accuracy, humility, with integrity and character. End time prophets must have keen discernment, boldness, and strategy.

We intend on issuing assignments that will encourage you to read and study the following topics: servitude, teaching, exhorting, giving, organizing, and mercy. As each attendee begins to identify their gifting’s, he or she will become better equipped and become fruitful, purging out fear as you flow and operate in your gifting. As the Lord reveals your spiritual gift to you HE will also show you how to use it.

How do I know I am called among the Prophets?

Numbers 12:6 declares that God will make known Himself to his prophets through dreams and visions. This is one of the confirmations to your calling as a prophet.

As each individual works with anointed and confirmed prophetic ministers, a “knowing will be present. As lead by the Holy Spirit, it will become evident as each exercise and lesson builds upon the other.

What area of the Prophetic is my area of expertise?

The Holy Spirit will pull your power giftings as a prophet. Everyone’s gifting is different. You will know as the holy spirit manifest those gifts and even the Father will use another prophet to confirm your gifts.

There should be a ‘knowing’ all ready in your spirit for the prophetic. In the event that this is not the case, attendees will undergo various assessments and exercises that may rule out various gifting’s and introduce them to their areas of strength.

My skillset is that of a novice (a bit rusty|practically nonexistent). Any tips?

Yes submit to a school of the prophets for training and the opportunity to use your gifts during class to be cultivated and mature in them

 TAKE NOTES! NOTES! MORE NOTES! STUDY…STUDY…AND AGAIN I SAY STUDY! Each attendee should study to show themselves approved unto God, a workman that need not be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth!


Bearing the above tips…then gives the Holy Spirit a blank canvas to create an arsenal of released, called, trained, mature, and commissioned prophets to go forth in the earth; with a solid foundation.

Will I learn to distinguish false prophets in the church from true end time prophets?

Yes, during class we will decipher between the two even through scripture.

Absolutely! The Bible says to try the spirit by the spirit whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world. Again, it goes back to that “knowing” and being prayed up as well as being keen in your discernment.


The Holy Spirit is your best teacher, and we are confident that you will walk away fully equipped with knowledge and understanding from the first time you walk in the door.

I still have a question. What can I do?

Get in touch by email at:


I assure you, by the time you’ve attended the first course; you WILL know whether you were called.

Financial Responsibility:

There will be a monthly registration fee of $50.00 due the 1st of every month. After the 5th of the month is payment is not received you will lose access to the virtual group.

There is a $50.00 reinstatement fee.

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